Possibilities with dental zirconia

dental zirconia possibilities

As more and more patients — and dentists — all over the world choose dental zirconia over traditional materials for their dental implant restorations, it is becoming clear that the future of dental restoration is here.

Zirconia is revolutionizing traditional dentistry as a safe, durable and enduring alternative to standard implant materials such as porcelain and acrylics. These materials have been the only answer to dental implant needs for decades and have served the industry in their role as the primary solution for dental crowns, bridges and dentures.

However, with technological advances in both material and procedural application, traditional materials are quickly becoming viewed as outdated and unsuitable in their use as dental restoration implants.

Today’s advances in dental technology come in the form of zirconia, the toughest ceramic material available and the ideal solution to all of our dental restoration needs. Zirconia’s benefits start with its extraordinarily strong composition which offers a level of durability that was previously unknown in the dental industry. This allows dental zirconia restorations to endure years of wear-and-tear without the necessity of repairs and replacement — with dentists claiming zirconia offers a smile that lasts a lifetime.

The advantage of choosing zirconia over traditional dental implants does not stop there. Because of its non-porous surface, zirconia carries stain-resistant properties that porcelain and acrylic materials simply cannot match. This provides an unblemished look and a smile that is guaranteed to last years without the need for whitening solutions that could be harmful to the implants.

With these — and many other — advantages there is plenty of reason to choose zirconia as a replacement for an existing dental implant or the practical choice for your dental restoration needs. The possibilities of dental zirconia are being utilized in every procedural application where a material is used to take on the appearance of real teeth.

As a dental crown, zirconia offers a truly lifelike appearance that is designed to match surrounding teeth in both shape and look. Its specially-designed translucency reflects light in a way very similar to real teeth to make it practically indistinguishable from the natural ones. It can be shaped to perfectly match and fit in with surrounding teeth and can be formed to have a more attractive appearance than the tooth or teeth it is replacing.

When it comes to having bridge implants and dentures there are several factors to consider that give zirconia a distinct advantage over traditional alternatives. Because it is a perfectly biocompatible material, there is no risk of allergic reactions, irritation or damage that can be the result of traditional materials that include metals necessary to support the dental restoration. Thanks to zirconia’s uniform and independent composition, it does not require any substructure support that could otherwise be harmful to the surrounding skin as well as give teeth a false appearance due to subsurface visibility.

Zirconia’s ability to be shaped and molded to your teeth and gums offers the benefit of minimal tooth reduction and overall comfort. Its smooth surface prevents abrasion of surrounding teeth and tissue for a comfortable and perfect fit that is designed to last a lifetime.

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