A Decade of Zirconia Success …

We are very proud to announce that we have reached an exciting milestone – a decade of monolithic Zirconia success. For us Zirconia story started in February 2007 and already in April 2007, our first monolithic case was created –full maxillary and full mandible Zirconia bridges. It was made to satisfy patient’s desire for very white smile hence came the case that featured full monolithic posterior teeth, full monolithic occlusion and minimally veneered windows on 6 anterior.
Today, 10 years later, this case is working and looking beautiful. With over 42,000 units and over 350 full arches in monolithic Zirconia, we can say that monolithic Zirconia is a success and a way to do dentistry. The reliability of monolithic Zirconia has time and again proven to be irreplaceable.   We salute our pioneers and we will continue to innovate and progress.

Throughout the years, we have consistently developed and pioneered advances in the use of monolithic zirconia as a restorative material. Our lab is equipped with the most advanced technologies to offer quality products that will last.

Stereolithography is one of the methods we use to create our models from digital impressions using out in-house SLA machine. You can read more about this technology here. With recent technological advances, Kerenor has taken the digital path. Our lab is equipped to accept intra-oral scans from any open intra-oral scanners.

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