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Bruxism and Zirconia

For patients with bruxism, repairing and replacing their dental restorations and implants is a costly side-effect of having restoration materials that are not compatible with their condition. monolithic zirconia is a perfect choice for anyone suffering from bruxism as it is designed to withstand and outperform other materials when it comes to wear-and-tear of the teeth.

Choosing a quality dental lab

Today’s dental technology promotes the most advanced treatment of teeth and dental prostheses available to-date. however, getting the foremost in product and service quality relies on choosing a quality dental lab where your needs are met with professional care and state-of-the-art technology.

Reliability of zirconia restorations

Zirconia is a fully biocompatible material and poses no harm or risk of complications when exposed to living tissue for long periods of time. it is perfectly safe and maintains a smooth surface throughout its lifespan, preventing any irritation or abrasion of surrounding tissue or teeth.

When All Else Fails

The following article is a case history from the office of dr. sylvio caro, a prosthodontist from westmount, canada. The patient, a 72 year old male, arrived to our clinic with a failing maxillary restoration on implants (hybrid bar on 10 zimmer implants). when the restoration was removed for evaluation the reason for the failure became apparent.

White Possibilities

The case presented here is one in which a novel solution was achieved utilizing zirconia in a very challenging situation. the patient is a 70+ year old woman who had a history of multiple implant procedures over the past 18 years and had never made it past the temporary restorations due to complications with the implants.

Understanding Zirconia

Zirconia made a significant appearance on the dental horizon about 5 years ago. It provided an alternative for all ceramic crowns and bridges. today, a milling procedure is the only reliable way to create zirconia restorative components for dental use.