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A Few Words About Us

In 2007 Kerenor Dental Studio became North America’s first full service full Zirconia dental lab. Later in the same year, we were first in the world to start exploring and creating monolithic Zirconia restorations. We’ve helped develop the monolithic Zirconia line for major companies. Today, all dental implant cases at are dental lab in Montreal are done in monolithic Zirconia. We are taking it further every day, making it the ultimate material for the future of dentistry.

Common Questions About Dental Zirconia

Sintered dental zirconia has whiteness and translucency that very much resembles a natural tooth. Therefore, it is easy to achieve very aesthetic result in full contour dental implant restorations. Monolithic zirconia restoration is the most solid restoration possible.

Digital Impressions

Thanks to revolutionary software and engineering, digital impressions of teeth, gums and implants are more accurate and functional than ever before. Our dental lab in Montreal is equipped with the most advanced technology available in the market.

Bruxism and Zirconia

For patients with bruxism, repairing and replacing their dental restorations and implants is a costly side-effect of having restoration materials that are not compatible with their condition. monolithic zirconia is a perfect choice for anyone suffering from bruxism as it is designed to withstand and outperform other materials when it comes to wear-and-tear of the teeth.

Choosing a quality dental lab

Today’s dental technology promotes the most advanced treatment of teeth and dental prostheses available to-date. however, getting the foremost in product and service quality relies on choosing a quality dental lab where your needs are met with professional care and state-of-the-art technology.

Reliability of zirconia restorations

Zirconia is a fully biocompatible material and poses no harm or risk of complications when exposed to living tissue for long periods of time. it is perfectly safe and maintains a smooth surface throughout its lifespan, preventing any irritation or abrasion of surrounding tissue or teeth.