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About Our Dental Laboratory in Montreal, QC

Today’s dental technology promotes the most advanced treatment of teeth and dental prostheses available to-date. However, getting the foremost in product and service quality relies on choosing a quality dental lab where your needs are met with professional care and state-of-the-art technology. Kerenor Dental Studio is an unrivaled dental lab in Montreal that specializes in monolithic zirconia restorations for over 10 years. We are the first North American dental laboratory to switch to metal free production in 2007. Our dental studio offers a range of sophisticated dental services that align with the most recent achievements in dentistry and materials science.

Because your teeth and oral care are too important for all but the best dental work, choosing a high-quality dental lab ensures that today’s leading dental specialists can be confident in an excellent outcome.

Equipped with precision scanning and crafting tools from world-class manufacturers, the team at Kerenor is prepared to develop lifelike dental implants that are not just a perfect fit but look and feel like the real thing. A smile that lasts a lifetime begins with the most advanced CAD/CAM engineering powered by genuine manufacturer parts and revolutionary software, as well as highly trained dental technicians and engineers that put in their professional expertise.  To produce dental restorations that stand the test of time, technicians at Kerenor Dental Studio utilize only the best and most modern Canada Health and FDA approved materials when crafting crowns, bridges and restorations constructed with enduring high performance ceramic.

Even with all of its tech and professional advantages, a dental lab is only as good as its ability to communicate with its clients and achieve their full satisfaction. Being dedicated to every single client as a special and trusting individual is what makes a dental lab more than just a place of service. We at Kerenor developed a special protocol to ensure the dental specialist can confidently plan a restoration and the patient to know from the very beginning the expected result.

When it comes to life-lasting dental work with monolithic zirconia, the staff at Kerenor Dental Studio in Montreal knows what a special occasion a visit to the lab is for each and every patient. Understanding the client’s expectations and style of communication while being dedicated to their every need allows the staff to combine tools with experience and successfully fulfill client goals. With daily quality control checks on instruments, materials and products, our clients are assured of excellent dental zirconia restorations.

Staffed by certified technicians and a professional support team, Kerenor Dental Studio established a reputation as the leading dental zirconia lab in the industry. This objective is backed by exceptional skills, knowledge and over 10 years of experience innovating and developing monolithic zirconia; always moving towards perfection.

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