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When All Else Fails

The following article is a case history from the office of dr. sylvio caro, a prosthodontist from westmount, canada. The patient, a 72 year old male, arrived to our clinic with a failing maxillary restoration on implants (hybrid bar on 10 zimmer implants). when the restoration was removed for evaluation the reason for the failure became apparent.

White Possibilities

The case presented here is one in which a novel solution was achieved utilizing zirconia in a very challenging situation. the patient is a 70+ year old woman who had a history of multiple implant procedures over the past 18 years and had never made it past the temporary restorations due to complications with the implants.

Understanding Zirconia

Zirconia made a significant appearance on the dental horizon about 5 years ago. It provided an alternative for all ceramic crowns and bridges. today, a milling procedure is the only reliable way to create zirconia restorative components for dental use.


Protocol for creating z-bridge (full contour designer zirconia bridge) on implants

White Possibilities - Dental Labor

Bei der patientin handelte es sich um eine über 70 jahre alte frau, die in den vorangegangenen 18 jahren schon mehrfach implantologisch behandelt worden war. aufgrund von komplikationen mit ihren implantaten war sie nie über das stadium der provisorischen versorgung hinausgekommen.

The Zirconia experience - Technical insights

Zirconium dioxide (zro2), or just zirconium, is a crystal white zirconium oxide. at the moment it is the most studyed ceramic material in dentistry. many specialists implement this material into their practice, and with various success. the main question that is now asked by all professionals is this: is the use of zirconium a new trend or a time fad?