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Digital impression

Kerenor dental laboratory is equipped to accept intraoral scans from any open intraoral scanners. scans can be sent via email or via system inboxes (depends on set-up of specific scanner).if the restoration has implants, please contact us in advance for preferred scan bodies and analog systems.

In House stereolithography

stereolithography (sla) is the oldest rapid prototyping technology, but it’s still widely used thanks to its ability to obtain fine detailed parts and excellent surface finish. sla machines can even create oddly shaped objects, which can be difficult to produce using traditional prototyping methods. sla is an excellent choice where an extremely high level of detail and high accuracy is desired.

in our studio we use in-house sla machine to create our models from digital impressions. our machine uses special polymer with excellent properties for dental models.

read more about this technology on our blog.

Material Properties

Tennsile Strength
56 MPa
Elongation at break
Flexural Strength
115 MPa
Flexural Modulus
3350 MPa
HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature)No heat treatment necessary
140° C (284° F)