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About Kerenor

Kerenor Dental Studio is a dental laboratory located in Montreal, Canada, specialized in monolithic zirconia restorations and serving dentists worldwide. With a proven track record, our dental laboratory is a pioneer in dental zirconia restorations.
Our zirconia story started in February 2007 and already in April 2007, our first and a world first monolithic case was created – full maxillary and full mandible zirconia bridges. This restoration was revolutionary in many aspects and today it is still a landmark in restorative zirconia as it is functional and beautiful looking. That year we became North America first full service full zirconia lab. We’ve helped develop the monolithic zirconia line for major companies as well as many protocols for monolithic zirconia restorations and specifically long span bridges on implants.
Throughout the years, we have consistently developed and pioneered advances in the use of monolithic zirconia as a restorative material for dental implants.
Our lab is equipped with the most advanced technologies to offer quality products that will last. With over 50,000 units and over 500 full arches in monolithic Zirconia, we can say that monolithic Zirconia is a success and a way to do dentistry. Today, all cases in our studio are done in monolithic Zirconia. We are taking it further every day, making it the ultimate material for future dentistry. We salute our pioneers and we will continue to innovate and progress.

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Sintered dental zirconia has whiteness and translucency that very much resembles a natural tooth. It is therefore easy to achieve very aesthetic results in full contour zirconia restorations.

Monolithic zirconia restorations are the most solid restorations possible. As there is no chemical bond between zirconia and ceramic, any porcelain on functional surface might delaminate in the course of time. This is especially true for posterior crowns and implant based restorations.

Master zirconist and owner of our dental lab in Montreal

Haim Keren - Our Master Zirconist

Our Master Zirconist, Haim Keren is an expert in Zirconia restorations. Second generation dental technician, his expertise is a result of thirst for knowledge, relentless desire to improve and meticulous approach to every stage of the restoration. Since his early days as a technician, Haim was envisioning full ceramic, high tech dentistry. Today he makes his vision a reality. Thanks to visionaries like Haim the dental profession is moving forward.


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